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Video: Ice Cube on MTV in 1989

April 02, 2008

Everybody's understandably excited about the 20th B'day of Yo! MTV Raps, especially since even the youngest among us remember it being a major source of afterschool and Saturday night entertainment for much of our youths. But of all the videos rolled out on MTV's site this week, our favorite has to be this video, which was never technically on Yo!, of
Ice Cube talking to Kurt Loder in Compton in 1989. It's part of the Loder Files (…) and is enjoyable for the participants' fashion choices, awkward questioning, and Cube's Suzuki Sidekick with the tinted hardtop, but most of all because Cube is 20 and funny and not thinking about Are We Done Yet? sequels. Wait, dude is gonna be BA Baracas? Where have we been?

Posted: April 02, 2008
Video: Ice Cube on MTV in 1989