Freeload: Tumzilla & TBG’z We Got The Juice Mixtape

April 04, 2008

See that picture? That's Tum Tum (aka Tumzilla aka Tum McLovin) and Meech and Smack of TBG'z dressed up as NWA for Halloween. We're assuming they did it, even though they are grown up rappers themselves, because they love rap music. We love rap music. We are dressed like Junior MAFIA right now as a matter of fact. Tum and TBG'z are also generous and put up their We Got The Juice mixtape for free download a while ago, which is insanely hype, misses some tracks in the middle and gets hype again at the end. However, the track to deal with is "Flavor of tha Week" with Yella Fella and Lil Flip joining in. Here's how it goes: Flip sounding bored (incredible), TBGz and Tum sounding the opposite of bored (incredible), elephant synths (credible, but still amazing).

Download: Tumzilla & TBG'z We Got the Juice Mixtape (tracklist after the jump)

TBG'z f. Yella Fella, Tumzilla & Lil Flip, "Flavor of tha Week"

1 - Dj Drop Intro

2 - Bet - Double, Lambo, 5'3", Tite

3 - Dj Drop Speaks

4 - U aint Shit - Double, Vip B.I.G., KB

5 - Dj Drop Droppin in

6 - We all in - 5'3", Double, Lambo, Vip B.I.G., Don Dada, Tite

7 - Yums Drop

8 - Flavor of tha week - Yella Fella, Tumzilla, Lil Flip

9 - Black Girlz - Vip B.I.G., Lambo, Tumzilla

10- Pop me a Pill - Addiction

11- Im in tha hood - 5'3", Tumzilla, Lambo, Addiction

12- Klick Klack - Tumzilla

13- Dj Drop Speaks

14- We dont play dat shit - Double, Vip B.I.G., 5'3"

15- Swung So Hard - Double, KB

16- Dj Drop Droppin in

17- On top of tha World - Tumzilla, Tite, Don Dada

18- Get Money - Kiotti, Double, Don Dada

19- At tha Club - Grandaddy, Tumzilla, Quint Fox

20- JumpRope - Vip B.I.G., Double

21- She's a Go - Tumzilla, 5'3", Double

22- That's us - Lambo, Vip B.I.G., 5'3", Double, Tite

23- Money Dont make me - Shop Boyz, Tumzilla

24- Dj Drop Speaks

25- Dont trip - Tri, Double

26- I get Money - Tumzilla

27- Hell Yeah - Double, Lambo, KB

28- That Kush - Lambo, Double, 5'3", Tumzilla

29- Dj Drop Outro

Posted: April 04, 2008
Freeload: Tumzilla & TBG’z We Got The Juice Mixtape