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Freeload: Rune Lindbaek, “Undertonar” mix

April 07, 2008

In our ongoing love affair with all things Norwegian (National health care! Fjords!), we have the Paul-McCartney-as-remix-by-Prins-Thomas track in Rune Lindbaek's "Undertonar" mix stuck on rewind. Or click-back. Or whatever you call it when you move the iTunes diamond to the place you want it. The commissioning twentyfourhours blog also says he is recording an album with Idjut Boys. We are recording an album with our minds. It's called "We Are Excited For The Rune Lindbaek Idjut Boys Collaboration." PS this mix has Mandre. Real talk.

Download: Rune Lindbaek, "Undertonar"

Posted: April 07, 2008
Freeload: Rune Lindbaek, “Undertonar” mix