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Freeload: Stat Quo f. B.O.B., “Double Bubble”

April 09, 2008

Sometime last year we heard Stat Quo's ghost album Statlanta and were like, yes. Dr. Dre produced a lot of the tracks so it bangs, not to mention the fact that Stat is just a really funny dude. But then Statlanta remained a legend, giving way to another side of ATL, the onomatopaeic rollerskate joints that dominated our lives and hearts and minds. HOWEVER...could this summer be the summer of Statlanta? We know we keep talking about summer because we are so excited for it, but when you hear this track, you'll know what we mean. It even features B.O.B. doing the hook, and he sounds like a member of the Harvard vocal choir. B.O.B. has been one of our faves since he Myspaced us in like January 2006 (seriously! he is on his INTERGRIND!), and we saw him at the FADER Fort in Austin a couple weeks ago getting his fan-man on to Swedish soon-to-be-pop-megastar Lykke Li. Which means he has good taste, too.

Download: Stat Quo f. B.O.B., "Double Bubble"

Posted: April 09, 2008
Freeload: Stat Quo f. B.O.B., “Double Bubble”