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Freeload: Trackademicks, The [RE]Mixtape Vol 2

April 11, 2008

Have you ever woken up and been like "I REALLY need to hear 'Oh Sheila' right now, but I would like for it to have a very spare disco rhythm with handclaps and handdrums?" Yo, guess what: Trackademicks got you covered. The Yayyyyyy Urrrreea producer / DJ is offering a tape of hot-hot heaters that (daaamn) knock, all remixed from his indelible breezy discotheque point of reference. It's got Sade, fellow Fresh Coaster Keyshia Cole, and a version of Kelis' "Trilogy," which makes us endlessly happy, since our world has been saddeningly sans Kelis lately, and a few exclusives, too. Plus, in days forthcoming, he'll be blogging extensive liner notes and mp3s to accompany it.

Download: Trackademicks, The [RE]Mixtape Vol 2

Posted: April 11, 2008
Freeload: Trackademicks, The [RE]Mixtape Vol 2