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Audio: Jahdan Blakkamore, “Go Round Payola”

April 16, 2008

Our man of the ever-expanding bass palette, DJ Rupture, gave us the go head to post the first single off he, Matt Shadetek and Geko Jones' Dutty Artz label from Jahdan Blakkamore. Get a fuller Jahdan bio over at the Dutty Artz blog but keep in mind dude was the voice of "Sound Bwoy Buriel" and "Brooklyn Anthem" ie two songs that we play when we want to get blunted and sit on our fire escapes during New York's jungle summers. "Go Round Payola" was produced by Shadetek and if you're looking for brethren, it fits nicely into the sound dubbed "trancehall" by our own Eddie Stats in his new feature on BK's Ricky Blaze in FADER 53.

Jahdan Blakkamore, "Go Round Payola"

Posted: April 16, 2008
Audio: Jahdan Blakkamore, “Go Round Payola”