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Coachella Wrap: Day One

April 30, 2007

Coachella Music Festival added Friday to the schedule this year probably with the knowledge that most of the campers and slackers from far and wide arrived semi-early on Friday last year with nothing to do so why not make a thing of it (and tons more cash). Since the weather was a refreshing 100 degrees, we traipsed up to the site in the middle of the day to check out the youngsters before the parade of demigods started at sunset. Check after the jump for more photos and brilliant insights in the first part of our many-tentacled coverage of all the festivies.

Tokyo Police Club in the Mojave Tent early on Friday. Too early.

Of Montreal camping it up at the Outdoor Theater. This character ended up in a dress and on stilts, but we were seriously not fucking with the sound on that stage. This area would soon become known as Sucky No Bassville.

This is a picture of us getting blazingly weeded off the marijuana smog at the Marleys aka The Gongs. Stephen played all his dad's hits, then Damian came on and killed some Jamrock joints. Shirtless white dudes were yelling WIIIYOOOOHH. Hilarious.

We giggled and snacked our way over to the Moonkies bka Arctic Monkeys. Jams for days. Dude is way tiny and snotty which makes that flipped up collar shit a little less ridick.

Murdered it. Jesus & Mary Chain win for best comeback ever or this year or whatever. Make sure to see them on their inevitable reunion tour when Scarlett Johansen isn't singing guest vocals.

Don't get us wrong, Sonic Youth is still consistently awesome, but Thurston is looking a little Lake Wobegon these days, no? Janet Reno? Fuck it, dude is a permabro, as are his bandmates. Except Kim. She's Wonder Woman.

The world's most lovable d-bag, Jarvis Cocker.

Björk is Björk. Even if you don't really listen to her music, she makes for amazing Jumbotronning and her likkle pixie face leaves a good image in your brain for hot desert feverdreams.

Posted: April 30, 2007
Coachella Wrap: Day One