Style: Coogi Sweaters and Rick Ross

April 30, 2008

While we were leaning back enjoying T-Pain's tophats and Rick Ross'
delectable gentlemen's wear in the Cash Flow video (we see where this
theme is going), a flashy pattern sparked our interest next to the pool
table, and we were like, Whoa! That's a Coogi mini. That's right,
Cosby/Biggie/Up Against The Wall style is being channeled through a video vixen making us
get all emotional over purple cable knit. And when Rick Ross stands
next to it, he makes that shit POP. We’re not trying to pretend like
Brooklynites haven’t been sporting Coogiwear for a minute—some
make a hobby ( of spotting Coogi’s on the
street—but it really takes an uninhibited Floridian to get us to
revisit the style in a brand new light. Then again, after Ross took
his shirt off for us on video we’ll be listening intently to whatever
he tells us for eternity. (Ed. The author of this post did not have cable television from 1984-2000.)

Posted: April 30, 2008
Style: Coogi Sweaters and Rick Ross