Freeload: Michna, “Triple Chrome Dipped (12” Version)”

May 01, 2008

We were flipping through the archives over at RCRD LBL, because we are big proponents of familiarizing ourselves with history, even recent history (and recent vintage). And we realized that way back on April 21, we somehow overlooked "Triple Chrome Dipped," a lovely understated fantoma-house* track by Michna, a DJ/producer with a storied bio that includes 1. knowing Diplo before he was famous (obvs) and 2. most importantly, public trombone-playing. He also likes skeeball which means that, hey!, we like him.

*copyright 2008 by dr. j. escobedo shepherd

Download: Michna, "Triple Chrome Dipped (12" Version)"

Posted: May 01, 2008
Freeload: Michna, “Triple Chrome Dipped (12” Version)”