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Freeload: Trae, “Watch Ova Momma” & “Wrist Out Tha Window”

May 05, 2008

Every so often Trae (who is apparently no longer on Rap-A-Lot) drops some new songs on us and they are always great, yet dude still gets no love from the general public. Can you still call someone underrated if everyone thinks they are underrated? Trae is one of those dudes that has total longevity and we will be listening to him even when we are 80 and complaining about the state of rap. Seriously though, he does wistful tracks like "Watch Ova Momma" better than any other rapper except maybe Scarface, but since Scarface is perpetually about to retire, Trae might be the next gravelly-voiced dude to take the crown. "Wrist Out Tha Window," is technically a Rich Boy song with Shawty Lo (sounding especially like a tiny Young Jeezy) and "Watch Ova Momma" is all internet, but either way, Trae is now touring, so check him out if he comes through your area.

Download: Trae, "Watch Ova Momma"

Download: Rich Boy f. Shawty Lo & Trae, "Wrist Out Tha Window"

Freeload: Trae, “Watch Ova Momma” & “Wrist Out Tha Window”