Special Disco Version

May 05, 2008

Today two things became clear: 1. James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, members of LCD Soundsystem and duo behind an epic Fabric mix are starting a regular DJ night in New York City called Special Disco Version and are starting by Euro-tripping it (dates after the jump) and 2. The party's NYC base is going to be at a new club called 100 Lafayette, which means that Andrew WK's venture is no longer called Santa's Party House, but 100 Lafayette. Total bummer.

may 15th pat's in dublin (details to follow)

may 16th pat's at fabric in london

may 16th i'm [James Murphy] at webster hall in nyc

may 30th pat's in austria at the urban artforms festival

may 31st pat's in belgrade

june 10th we're playing together at MOMA

june 13th & 14th there'll be some form of specialdiscoversion party in vancouver and toronto

Special Disco Version