On The Street: Seattlestache

May 06, 2008

We just received mail from the Northwest and at the bottom of the envelope it said, ‘What does it feel like to be on the thirteenth floor?’ Well, it feels alright, a little stuffy at times, but no evil witch voodoo if you know what we mean. Point being that the Northwest is full of these sort of snarky folk. That’s why when our Seattle On-The-Streeter sent us this image, we weren’t surprised by its beret-wearing record store gentlemen. In fact we kinda liked it, even the John Waters mustache. Thing is, you can’t really hate on this guy’s style because it’s like Kanye’s Hadron Collider, he vortexed the universe to fit his look, ‘cool pins’ and all.

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On The Street
Posted: May 06, 2008
On The Street: Seattlestache