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Freeload: Alfamega f. Busta Rhymes, “Head Bang”

May 07, 2008

To celebrate Busta's return from the depths of whisper and/or mumble rap, we broke out a bunch of songs from his post-LONS, pre-thuggery days like the 8-minute "Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad" posse cut where everyone (including Redman and Busta) raps like they are in a computer game from 1997. We sorta have a soft spot for rappers in the '90s that were willing to get weird on a song (we see you Cella Dwellas!) so Busta's performance on that as well as on "Head Banger" is a welcome return to over the top sounding like a cartoon lion Bussa Bus. Also, he references like four heavy metal bands in a couple seconds, and raps like he did on this which we feel is very notable for some reason, probably because we listened to that song for half of one summer. Is Alfamega a thing yet? He sounds like a slightly less grimy Bumpy Knuckles.

Download: Alfamega f. Busta Rhymes, "Head Bang"

Posted: May 07, 2008
Freeload: Alfamega f. Busta Rhymes, “Head Bang”