On The Street: Peace Out

May 09, 2008

Playing hunt-the-peace-sign is our new fashion favorite game, especially since the symbol turned 50 earlier this year (CND forever!). We snapped accessory designer Lizzie Fortunato supporting the cause a couple of weeks ago in a shirt by Sophomore. Although unfortunately we are unable to identify the awesome white tux jacket that she also has on (probably vintage) but the button-studded headband is most definitely one of her own designs. Also the style team actually hasn't bathed since the last hippie post on tie-dye, and half of its members are currently out on the field researching a story on the 50 best places on the planet to buy patchouli oil. Stay tuned. (Click the image to see it full.)

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On The Street
Posted: May 09, 2008
On The Street: Peace Out