Stylee Fridays: Rodebjer

May 09, 2008

Besides French dudes like Christophe Lemaire, we regularly obsess about the Danes (Henirk Vibsov, Wood Wood) and the Swedes (Acne Jeans, Carin Wester). Carin Rodebjer of Rodebjer happens to be one of our all time human beings/designers and was in town from Sweden a couple of weeks ago for little a work and play. It's Carin's immaculate shirt dresses that first got us hooked—always beautifully constructed with a extra stylee twist thrown in, like the huge pussy bow pieces from her spring 2006 collection featured back in Issue #36. Part of the secret, she confides, is the Italian shirting factory where they are produced. And up at her NYC showroom, she showed us the new custom rope-print shirting she has lined up for fall, as well as some other key pieces, including a double breasted coat dress and a cropped blazer with exposed almost football-esque shoulder pads. What's ultimately most awesome about her clothes is that she has all the best super feminine flourishes (yeah, we're wearing our coat dresses with nothing underneath this fall) without sacrificing any practicality. It's chic with two feet on solid ground. Before we said our goodbyes and Carin went to meet her Swedish friends at a Peter Morén show, she told us her next collection would be all about (wait for it) neat and tidy hippies!!! Like we said, Swedes are the best!

From The Collection:

Stylee Fridays
Posted: May 09, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Rodebjer