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Freeload: Boss Hog Outlawz, “Ride Wit No Ceiling”

May 12, 2008

Slim Thug kinda fell off the map after Already Platinum, but we still rode for him as well as his homies Killa Kyleon and the rest of the Boss Hog Outlawz (GEN F in issue 33), now they are back with this song—a slow Houston anthem that creeps as much as it bounces. The craziest thing about it is how spare it sounds compared to most of the rap we've been hearing this year. Not that we're mad at trance-rap or whatever it's called today, but sometimes it's cool to hear something meant for driving on a hot afternoon instead of riding speedboats really fast with our arms in the air to (not that we aren't doing both daily).

Download: Boss Hog Outlaws, "Ride Wit No Ceiling"

Freeload: Boss Hog Outlawz, “Ride Wit No Ceiling”