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Freeload: Castanets, “You Got Lucky” Daytrotter Session

May 14, 2008

Over the course of three albums and a grip of other songs Castanets main dude Ray Raposa has shown that he is capable of creating some of the more atmospheric country-folk we've heard in awhile. Granted, sometimes he misses the mark, but when he's on he makes us want to go home and lay down for days—not exactly the feeling most of us are looking for in music, but sometimes you just want shit to get a little heavy. "You Got Lucky" is the first song from the next Castanets release. It was recorded in the desert in Arizona, and while he was probably in a house on a regular street, this song makes us imagine him alone in a trailer in the middle of a Roadrunner style desert, full of jagged cliffs and like one winding road that always seems really far away. You can check out the rest of the Castanets/Daytrotter songs here.

Download: Castanets, "You Got Lucky"

Posted: May 14, 2008
Freeload: Castanets, “You Got Lucky” Daytrotter Session