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Freeload: Playdoe, “It’s That Beat” + Toxic Avenger Remix

May 14, 2008

It seems like a million years since our Africa issue—not because it's gotten old but because the people in it stay doing so much stuff that it doesn't seem possible it's only been a few months. BLK JKS, Esau, Buraka, etc etc. And of course there's Sweat.X who were in the Gen F section of that issue and continue to do crazy nice club music straight from SA. Spoek, Sweat.X's rapper, has a new project out with producer Sibot aka DJ Fuck (Playdoe and we are feeling it. Their new EP just came out and we got the single off it along with a kinda nasty Toxic Avenger remix. You can also still grab the Go Dumb Go Thick mix off their MySpace if you hurry.

Download: "It's That Beat"

Download: Playdoe, "It's That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix)"

Freeload: Playdoe, “It’s That Beat” + Toxic Avenger Remix