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Freeload: Ray Cash, “I’m On One”

May 14, 2008

The current issue of the mag is an Ohio rap bonanza, with Gen Fs on buzzing Cleveland-bred MCs Chip Tha Ripper and Kid Cudi. But what about fellow middle-of-the-map MC Ray Cash? Raymond was last seen by the general public circa '06, spitting bespectacled flows with Scarface (and Mannion behind the camera!), but after following it up with a super solid LP no one bought he slunk back into near-anonymity, releasing the occasional mixtape and recording with locals. Somehow, getting camouflaged in Ohio concrete has only made him doper. It's no recipe for rap success, but if it results in more ride-out joints like "I'm On One," we're cool with it. I been relaxin/ Gettin close to God/ But now I'm back to rappin/ It's my fuckin job.

Download: Ray Cash, "I'm On One"

Posted: May 14, 2008
Freeload: Ray Cash, “I’m On One”