On the Street: Seattle Color Blocks

May 14, 2008

Sometimes you put two pieces together in your wardrobe and you think, wait, this is too much of the same color, if we wear this we’ll look like that weird lady whose always wearing pink on pink. While on most occasions we’d look at this ‘on the street’ ensemble and be critical of all the red happening, but she pulls it together with multi-toned huaraches and a bright geometric sweater. It’s so messy and not over thought that we’re inspired to take our own fashion vacation and see what we come up with, even a complete vacated thoughts trip altogether where we find ourselves in some strange grunge dream and Marc Jacobs is waiting for us on a cloud ready to drape us in vintage Perry Ellis 'kinderwhore.'

*kinderwhore is the term for Marc Jacobs antique flowing dresses from his infamous Fall 1992 Perry Ellis collection.

From The Collection:

On The Street
Posted: May 14, 2008
On the Street: Seattle Color Blocks