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Freeload: Osborne, “Outta Sight” + “There”

May 16, 2008

One of the benefits of actually paying attention to the things we post on this blog is finding new favorites buried deep in mixtapes or compilations. One such case is the free Ghostly Swim comp we put up at the end of April which way, way down on it's tracklist, has a song called "Wait A Minute" by Osborne. Now, "Wait A Minute" is not that favorite, BUT, us being us, we went and found some other shit that is. "Outta Sight" is a song from a small place called Bananatown and we are going to be living there all day today. "There" is where we will be sleeping because it is mad comfy. And tomorrow morning we will be having brunch with the rest of Osborne's album, which you can listen to here, and if you like it and happen to live in Los Angeles, Osborne is doing an in-store at TTL LA on Saturday with Michna and FLYamSAM.

Download: Osborne, "Outta Sight"

Download: Osborne, "There"

Posted: May 16, 2008
Freeload: Osborne, “Outta Sight” + “There”