Stylee Fridays: Zulema

May 16, 2008

Project Runway is probably one of the most epic reality shows on television, mostly because it has all the right ingredients: drama by the bucket load, crazy sleepless bitches, bad haircuts, badder attitude and a panel of steely-balled judges. But good fashion, as far as we're concerned, has never been one of them. Basically, Project R has about as much to do with style as America's next top model has to do with supermodeldom. Like zilcho at all. Hark back a few and you might remember Zulema Griffin, a feisty contestant from season two (as she tells it she was "misrepresented"). There are few Zulema pieces on the show really worthy of any note, although we do vaguely remember a wrap dress in there somewhere that was half decent. But in a recent unrelated YouTube session, we stumbled on Zulema's fall '08 video quite randomly, a genuinely delightful and quietly clever piece of work.

First off, there's nothing more amazingly impractical and awesome than an all-white collection for fall—the big ruffled coat might be a tad dramatic for our taste but those white cropped pants and Victorian blouse have Indian summer picnic written all over them. Oh, and the hats! The hats!! The video stars a trio of black bodystockinged models stumbling around New York, like some fashion version of Toy Story, where all the storefront mannequins come to life and tiptoe around Manhattan while the rest of the city sleeps. Turn down the sound completely (sorry Talib!) second time around and it feels like the silent fashion movie playing right now in our minds that we've always wanted to star in.

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Stylee Fridays
Posted: May 16, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Zulema