Freeload: Kingdom, Club Vortex Mix

May 19, 2008

We blogged about Kingdom before—mainly because he jumped on the Telepathe train along with us—because one time we found him on the street and took his picture. Now he's back to DJ at Monkeytown (58 N 3rd St) for the debut of his Club Vortex party on May 23rd. He put together a free mix in celebration and it includes his remixes as well as songs we know we'll feel based on name alone, like "Reggaeton Sex."

Download: Kingdom, Club Vortex mix


J-Roc, "If Its Beef"

Ben Hill Squad, "U Gotta (Kingdom Remix)"

James Nasty, "You So Hawt"

So More, "What You Want"

Shola Ama, "Imagine (The Asylum Remix)"

1st Born, "I Can't Take It ft. Joy Brooks"

Bianca G. & TS7,"Come On Over"

Kingdom, "BANG (Vocal Dub)"

ESTAW & A-Clay, "Dope Boy"

Lil Wayne, "Lollipop (Kingdom Remix)"

House Crew, "Euphoria (Nino's Dream)"

Krezy Ryan, "Get Up (Kingdom Remix)"

Deff Rhymz, "Schudden ft. Dj Jean"

DJ Blass, "Reggaeton Sex"

Kingdom, "What It Takes (Instrumental)"

Leif, "Timbs (Ian Johnson Remix)"

Posted: May 19, 2008
Freeload: Kingdom, Club Vortex Mix