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Style: Hearts Like Oak

May 21, 2008

There aren't enough zeros in our account right now to accommodate all the beautiful things we plan to purchase from NYC store Oak. So it helps to take the pain away that the folks at Oak know how to throw a good fashion shindig, like they did last week at the Bowery Electric, just spitting distance from their new Manhattan location. The party launched the second installment of Oakzine, a newsprint format mag they plan to release twice a year. Each issue hosts a different editor. This time around it's Brian Ware, with stories from the likes of contributing FADER editor, our very own T Cole Rachel. If you can bear the shopping temptation (their accessory selection alone has been known to bring grown men to their knees), go pick up a copy at Oak, and check out the dream-like photo essay with Lykke Li and fashion story shot inside the hide-and-seek cubby holes of the store's Leviathanesque installation. Spreads from Oakzine and pics from the party after the jump.

Posted: May 21, 2008
Style: Hearts Like Oak