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Freeload: Roy Davis Jr + Frankie Knuckles Live Sets

May 30, 2008

When we were young we used to catch bits and pieces of Friday night dance mix shows on radio stations like Z100, and by bits and pieces we mean the time it took to walk to the bathroom during commercial breaks from TGIF to drain out all the fruit punch from our bladders. It was always on some Euro-trance nonsense and since we weren't familiar with clubs or bars yet, getting down with some good friends in your living room or automobile seemed like a great way to spend a Friday. Since we still (kind of) think it's a great idea, here are two mixes perfectly suited for Friday night living-room-raving, courtesy of Chicago house gods Roy Davis Jr and Frankie Knuckles. Roy's mix is from his performance in Brooklyn this past Sunday at Sunday Best—a lengthy ride of uptempo soulful house—while Frankie's mix, taken from a WBMX show in '86 which we found at Eli's Outside Broadcast, is slower and full of more classic disco jawns. No track lists, but put them on hi-fi back to back and dance the night away on your coffee table and you won't care tomorrow morning.

Download: Roy Davis Jr. Live at Sunday Best, May 25, 2008

Download: Frankie Knuckles On WBMX November 21, 1986

Freeload: Roy Davis Jr + Frankie Knuckles Live Sets