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Audio/Freeload: Twin Crystals, “Two Girls” + “4 Years (Caroline)”

June 02, 2008

Have you ever gone to the beach and fallen asleep in the sun? When you wake up you feel all groggy and weird and confused and all you can see when you blink are giant black spots, so you get up and go home and your car seat gets covered in sand and is kind of gritty and scratchy. That is what Twin Crystals sound like. Most of their records are out of print already, which is a bummer for everyone. Not a bummer is the news that they are releasing a new 7" on Summer Lovers Unlimited featuring the uncomfortable (but still totally listenable) synth anthem "Two Girls." You can stream that below.

Download: Twin Crystals, "4 Years (Caroline)"

Stream: Twin Crystals, "Two Girls"

Audio/Freeload: Twin Crystals, “Two Girls” + “4 Years (Caroline)”