On The Street: Kingston, JA

June 03, 2008

It came pretty close, but in a girls-vs-boys style catfight, the gents of Kingston won hands down at JA Style Week. All-white ensembles, lime green mock-croc pants and spontaneous dance routines were just a few of the winning flourishes from the dudes—looks so swagger-laden we had to take a minute from the official Fashion Block catwalking to make some very important on-the-street scribblings (Note to selves, must find and dry-clean white tux). Hats off though to the lovely Jaye-Ann, co-designer of Yahdie Conscious who, in a mono-colored outfit (the sequined short shorts are for sparkly effect), gave us a good old-fashioned lesson in brights.

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On The Street
Posted: June 03, 2008
On The Street: Kingston, JA