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Freeload: T-Pain, “Silver And Gold”

June 04, 2008

"I ain't a genius but I just made some genius shit." So sayeth the Pain on this extra-melodic (even by Tallahassee P standards!) new track which leaked some time last week. If the tune sounds a little familiar, it's because he flipped Kirk Franklin and the Family's "Silver And Gold", about forsaking silver and gold to give glory to the Big Guy, into a singalong about mixing Patron Silver and Patron Gold in order to get extra twisted. Suffice it to say, this one miiiiiiiiiiiiiight not get cleared for T-Pain's new Thr33 Ringz album, but lets face it - sacrilege never made us so thirsty.

Download: T-Pain, "Silver And Gold"

Posted: June 04, 2008
Freeload: T-Pain, “Silver And Gold”