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Freeload: DMX f. Freeway, “Where You Been”

June 05, 2008

Dark Man X isn't the first artist to rhetorically ask himself "Where you been?" on a comeback single, and he certainly won't be the last. But the thing is, the world knows EXACTLY where he has been, and has reported on it with remarkable consistency! Scamming the Mayo Clinic, battling SWAT teams, speeding in a '66 Nova with his name on it, and denying the existence of Barack Obama, with assorted court dates and ASCPA bum-outs thrown in the mix every few weeks just to keep things fresh. That said, if X keeps rapping over "Dance To The Drummer's Beat" with Freeway, we will keep pretending he was quietly hiding in the desert this whole time. Earl, get well soon!

Download: DMX f. Freeway, "Where You Been"

Posted: June 05, 2008
Freeload: DMX f. Freeway, “Where You Been”