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Video/Freeload: All $tar, “Jackin 4 Beats” + “Alphabet Soup”

June 05, 2008

Maybe it's our young-people's ADD, but the entire concept of "Jackin 4 Beats" never loses its appeal no matter what form we hear it in or who does it. From Cube to T.I. to Busta and now All $tar, the dude Kelefah Sanneh wrote about in the New York Times back in February. Dude is still showing a lot of promise, taking played-out concepts like basing an entire song around the alphabet, which, at this point, is basically the equivalent of a Steve Vai guitar solo and somehow keeps them entertaining (forget about "Alphabet Aerobics" and "Alphabetical Slaughter," we're fucking with "Alphabet Soup" which starts with Z and goes through the alphabet twice). We're still waiting on his Cash Money debut, but for now watch the "Alphabet Soup" video and download his version of "Jackin 4 Beats" below.

Download: All $tar, "Jackin 4 Beats"

Posted: June 05, 2008
Video/Freeload: All $tar, “Jackin 4 Beats” + “Alphabet Soup”