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Freeload: Tomb Crew NLLR Mix

June 09, 2008

Sometimes it's the middle of the day and we just want to rave so hard. No Love Lost Records has been helping us out with that fairly often lately, but we kinda had to put the glowsticks away at certain points during this mix by Tomb Crew—usually only to break out old issues of the FADER and read our stories on a lot of the artists featured here while still dancing around the room. Also, is "Wearing my Rolex" the most played song that people talk about hating all the time? It's getting remixed and popping up everywhere quite a bit, considering Wiley wouldn't even be in his own video for it. Anyway, have you downloaded this yet? It's going to make your day more fun, and also a lot of songs remind us of Mr. Oizo.

Download: Tomb Crew NLLR Mix

Posted: June 09, 2008
Freeload: Tomb Crew NLLR Mix