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Freeload: Two New Dyme Def Songs

June 09, 2008

Dyme Def make lyrical gymnastics sound not nerdy and actually kind of cool, they released an album last year that showed promise but then they sort of disappeared, then they came back and leaked a bunch of songs supposedly from an upcoming mixtape. We were skeptical that anything cohesive was going to come from them again, but apparently June 22nd we get Three Bad Brothaas. The two songs here are from that mixtape. Highlights: jock jam turned trunk thumper "That Shit's Knockin," and "Follow the Leaders," which samples—what else—"Follow The Leader". Dyme Def could definitely have worse touchstones. There a bunch of other songs from the upcoming mixtape to download at their MySpace here.

Download: Dyme Def, "That Shit's Knockin"

Download: Dyme Def, "Follow the Leaders"

Posted: June 09, 2008
Freeload: Two New Dyme Def Songs