Rosco P Coldchain Shows Us Love

June 12, 2008

There are some artists we love who sometimes just can't catch a break. Rosco P Coldchain is definitely up there in the top ranks of the It's Almost Criminal That We Can't Walk Across The Street And Pay American Dollars For An Album subsection of albums (see also: Fam-Lay, Nina Sky, etc etc etc). We're still waiting, but also, sometimes it's nice to hear from the artists themselves. Like, we hopped on MySpace this morning and the first thing we saw was a bulletin from Rosco titled simply: THE FADER:

"These people have been riding for me for a long time now. I don't know one person over there. So it just means that much more to me.

Thank you 'The Fader'.

To all of the people who are my friends here, please take some time out, go to their website, bookmark it and enjoy what they have to offer. They have some cool shit. Hell they write about me. Got to be cool. Below are a few links. My die hards have these tunes already. But the write ups are pretty good.

Star Trak should read and comprehend what The Fader is saying . They seem to know what they're talking about.

Freeload: Roscoe P Coldchainm "Give It Up"

Freeload: Roscoe P Coldchain, "Welcome Back/Story Joint"

Audio: Roscoe P Coldchain, "My Screws Loose"


In case you need more evidence of why we support this dude, go here. (from Noz)

Posted: June 12, 2008
Rosco P Coldchain Shows Us Love