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Freeload: 88-Keys, Ad’m's Case Files

June 13, 2008

One time we had 88-Keys come through East Village Radio, he played a bunch of songs from his new album The Death of Adam, and then the album never came out. It's coming now though, executive produced by Kanye West and somehow on a label that put out a bunch of Aceyalone stuff. Here's a totally free mixtape featuring dudes we want to go bowling with like Izza Kizza and other guys who we're kind of ambivalent about like Grafh. You can download the mixtape below and then go to 88-Keys' MySpace and look at all the pictures of him with his new baby, and also Q-Tip holding the baby.

Download: 88-Keys, Adam's Case Files

Posted: June 13, 2008
Freeload: 88-Keys, Ad’m's Case Files