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Freeload: Boy 8-bit’s Mad Decent Together Mix

June 13, 2008

Many, many years ago we bought a compilation at Tower Records called Brit Hop & Amyl House for too much money, but it was a time when Chemical Brothers remixes of Bomb the Bass sounded like some essential shit so we justified it. In 2008, all we have to do is check our rss feeds and we get mixes just as good for absolutely nothing, like we don't even have to spend time. And if there is anything as bad as "Shaolin Buddha Finger" we just chuck it in the computer trash. That is true advancement of the human race. Today's free great mix is by Mad Decent's newest member, Boy 8-bit, and we have yet to find any garbage on it. Check the playlist, get a free 8-bit bonus cut and read the words of the man himself over at the Mad Decent blog.

Download: Boy 8-bit's Mad Decent Together Mix

Posted: June 13, 2008
Freeload: Boy 8-bit’s Mad Decent Together Mix