Stylee Fridays: Topshop Is Landing

June 13, 2008

It's always only been a matter of time, a waiting game for the Topshop fairy to show up some place south of Houston and bless us with that extra special shopping juice. And while yes! our hearts are literally racing at the thought of Topshop finally coming to New York this fall, truth be told it was actually strangely bittersweet to see the wonderful certainty of it all unfolding at the official, first ever Topshop NYC preview this week. After all Topshop has been our not-so-secret dirty little secret for a very very long time ( now has international shipping, go get it!).

Take a glance at what's in store though, and it is really really hard to not be intensely excited. The sheer volume of clothes is overwhelming. It's obviously going to be insanely difficult to maintain any kind of shopping focus once the store opens—one minute you're touching up a slinky Louise Goldin for Topshop knit dress, and the next a pair of Emma Cook boots (chunky, laced-up, awesome) has whisked you away. And as if the designer collabos weren't enough they've even added a new line called Tux Deluxe, immaculately tailored pieces that include a disco-ready snakeskin print blazer you should probably bookmark.

Of course there's just as much in there for the boys—racks upon racks of sharp suiting, knitted leggings for the nattier dressed gents and a slew of fancier design projects. The Black Trouser is one to look out for, with an impressive line-up of design talent that includes Patrick Ervell and Tim Hamilton who've all submitted their take on that particular sartorial staple. So yeah, we think we'll be needing all 120-plus days left until Topshop lift-off just to figure out what the hell we plan to bag first!

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Stylee Fridays
Posted: June 13, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Topshop Is Landing