Freeload: Young Jeezy’s The Prime Minister Mixtape

June 16, 2008

USDA 2DAY, the official media source for the hood, is Jeezy's new blog, and it has a few things in common with Kanye's internet presence. While there may not be any posts about Gemma Ward yet, neither Jeezy or Ye are shy about posting exclusives and giving us stuff that makes us real excited about their music. Jeezy put up his new The Prime Minister mixtape on Saturday to get us all in the mood for The Recession. It's short and sweet and "Translator" just became the anthem. Download below and check the tracklist after the jump.

Download: Young Jeezy, The Prime Minister Mixtape

1. I’m Here
2. Put On ft. Kanye West
3. Black Dreams Freestyle
4. Translator
5. Out Here Grindin
6. Entertained Freestyle
7. Prime Minister Freestyle
8. Job For
9. CTE Freestyle
10. Serious Freestyle
11. Legal
12. Lollipop Freestyle

Posted: June 16, 2008
Freeload: Young Jeezy’s The Prime Minister Mixtape