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Freeload: Lindstrøm, “The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)”

June 19, 2008

This, astoundingly, is our first post dedicated to Norwegian space disco dude Lindstrøm. This might be because every time we sit down to write about him, we put his music on and drift into a waking dream of endless daylight, beards and smoked salmon. On the other hand, we do that with almost every other album too. Regardless of our reasoning, Lindstrøm has a new album coming out called Where You Go I Go Too on August 19th and we have put him in our newest issue coming out next week, so there are no more excuses. We've procured that album's final 16-minute track "The Long Way Home", edited by Lindstrøm's sometime collaborator Prins Thomas into a more manageable six minutes. And if you're fortunate to be in Toulouse, France on June 28th, Lindstrøm has a live laptop set at Les Siestes Electroniques along with Turzi, Sebastien Tellier and Damian Lazarus.

Download: Lindstrom, "The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)"

Posted: June 19, 2008
Freeload: Lindstrøm, “The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)”