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Freeload: Crookers Mad Kidz Teaser + NYC Show

June 20, 2008

For Issue #55, Julianne Shepherd went to Milan and "reported" on Italian house producers Crookers and came back with sordid tales of tomfoolery, a Jack Russel named after weed slang, and pantless party dudes (It's a great read). We're not making any guarantees, but Crookers are in town this weekend DJing at Webster Hall, and pants have recently come to feel less important to us as an essential part of our summer wardrobe. The Webster show is one of a handful in North America, so if you get the chance, go swang your ding (or shake your tatas) with or at Phra and Bot because they are good dudes. Case in point, this little teaser to their upcoming Mad Kidz EP on Southern Fried, which you can use to get excited for whatever pants-free activities you might have tonight.

Download: Crookers, Mad Kidz EP Teaser

Posted: June 20, 2008
Freeload: Crookers Mad Kidz Teaser + NYC Show