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Freeload/Video: Chino, “Ting Dem Tall” + “Rave All Night”

June 23, 2008

We've given his brother Stephen plenty of work on this blog, but Chino McGregor is making his first appearance with "Ting Dem Tall", a version on Stephen's Chiney K riddim, because the chorus is great and dude wears maybe the biggest white-framed aviators we've ever seen (maybe his head is just small). We're also waning fans of the word "rave" and the above video is the first instance of a dancehall artist actually using it in a song title. Trend forecast? Bad idea? We shall see, but if you go to Chino's MySpace, you can hear how deep the bros go with "Pop It Off", "Danger" and "Naav Nuh Behavior".

Download: Chino, "Ting Dem Tall" (Chiney K Riddim)

Posted: June 23, 2008
Freeload/Video: Chino, “Ting Dem Tall” + “Rave All Night”