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Freeload/Video: Dyme Def, 3 Bad Brothaaas Mixtape

June 24, 2008

In this short video about Dyme Def they rap lyrics off their Blackberrys. FUTURISTIC. No but for real, some of the shit on this mixtape is pretty next level. From the stadium synths of "That Shit's Knockin," to the highly Timbo influenced "I Got You" featuring Young Buck. We'd lay all the praise on Seattle producer Bean One, but we gotta give the dudes in Dyme Def credit too. We've said this before, but rap could benefit from a little fun sometimes and usually we're vague about how exactly that could be accomplished, but they rap over the Pinky & The Brain theme, and we're pretty sure that is very close to the definition of fun. Download the mixtape below, and watch the short doc up above.

Download: Dyme Def, 3 Bad Brothaaass Mixtape

Posted: June 24, 2008
Freeload/Video: Dyme Def, 3 Bad Brothaaas Mixtape