The FADER Issue 55 Free Download

June 24, 2008

The FADER Summer Music Issue is the issue where we throw all the hottest of heatrocks into our glossy mag in anticipation of the days when we'll be standing outside eating ice cream or whatever and multiple cars will go by, all playing the songs that are contained between the pages of our magazine. On the front cover we have the undeniable Estelle, poised to become the next megastar and dropping catchy jam after catchy jam, and on the flipside we've got Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, there because he creates lush pop songs for the 4am train rides slash ultra introspective moments that come at the tail end of every night. In between those covers we've got Diddy's next producers Ryan Leslie (you know you love "Diamond Girl") and Sean C and LV, who are responsible for pretty much every banger coming out of New York lately. We've also got a feature on the bedroom dance music of Cumbia, Abe Vigoda's summertime melancholy and Crookers' next level raveups. And all that comes withouth us even mentioning our Gen F lineup, featuring profiles on the summeriest of summertime bands Windsurf, Lindstrom's endless space disco, 77Klash's dancehall/everything hybrid and Whalebones' Seattle folk among a whole bunch of other stuff. We know we say this pretty much constantly, but you can download this for free, as in ZERO dollars, as in no money. It doesn't get better than that.

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Posted: June 24, 2008
The FADER Issue 55 Free Download