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Stylee Fridays: The Cobwebs Are Forming

June 27, 2008

Genius knitwear is so often a downright slept-on commodity in fashion. It's taken a few really talented new designers, the likes of Brit Louise Goldin and Swede
Sandra Buckland, to really push the awe-inspiring and futuristic knit possibilities further and edge the craft a little closer to the limelight. For fall, it's honestly the really loopy and crazily cobwebbed knitwear that has us all atwitter—the kind of dresses and sweaters you can poke both your fingers in and tug a few threads on for fun. We profiled designer Ioannis Dimitrousis and his gorgeous silk crochet dresses (all handmade by Mama Dimitrousis) in our spring fashion
issue and the new dresses for fall are even more staggeringly awesome. Torn and/or cobwebbed knits are traditionally heavy and gothic in their aesthetic but the nice thing about Dimitrousis is that is keeps it super fun and fizzy, dabbling just a teeny bit with the darkside for dramatic effect. One dress in particular starts with a black knit tunic and blossoms out in to glorious yarn techni-colored rah-rah skirt, the kind of outfit you might wear floating on a storm cloud.
After seeing Rodarte's fall collection, their cobwebby stockings are the probably the only kind of fucked-up tights we ever want to wear again. Although truth be told they look so dangerously loopy it's almost as if they were knitted on to the body, one model at a time. Still, there are some of us who prefer our torn sweaters as dark and Robert Smithian as possible. For that dear friends, Topshop (launch date pending) is there with a black sweater from a collection they've named "sedition." If that means rebel knitwear for the masses than we guess we'll all about it.




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Stylee Fridays
Posted: June 27, 2008
Stylee Fridays: The Cobwebs Are Forming