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Freeload: TK Webb & The Visions, “Teen Is Still Shaking”

July 02, 2008

We walk around doing a lot of air guitaring, but sometimes it gets a little embarrassing because there is no music to do it to. But you know what? Last summer we saw TK Webb next to the Gowanus Canal which apparently has STDs in it (gross) and almost air guitared ourselves right into the water. "Teen is Still Shaking" is the first single from Webb's new album, this time shared with a full band made up with members of Love As Laughter, The Comas and Blood on the Wall. In addition to this song being bro-down central, the last 30 seconds sound like something off of Siamese Dream, which is a cultural touchstone if there ever was one. You can catch TK Webb & The Visions this Saturday, July 5th at Glasslands, and there's not a lot you can do to better spend your time.

Download: TK Webb & The Visions, "Teen Is Still Shaking"

Posted: July 02, 2008
Freeload: TK Webb & The Visions, “Teen Is Still Shaking”