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Freeload: Fucked Up, “No Epiphany”

July 07, 2008

We like Fucked Up. Sometimes shit gets a little too heavy and we just appreciate Fucked Up. Other times though, like with this newish song called "No Epiphany," we feel totally comfortable riding for Fucked Up's layered crush of instruments and vocals that sound like they were birthed from a smoker's lung. If we turn it up loudly it's actually hypnotically soothing, and then before we know it, we're suddenly lost in the internet and at at the Fucked Up blog, where they post mixes of music they are into(including their own). Also, how do you describe the moment when, after seeing a side-by-side video comparison between Slipknot and Olympia's Sex Vid, you realize that you know at least two people in the video and have been to the house where they are playing? Rock on Olympia. Rock on the past.

Download: Fucked Up, "No Epiphany"

Posted: July 07, 2008
Freeload: Fucked Up, “No Epiphany”