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Freeload: Icy Demons, “Miami Ice”

July 07, 2008

We first stumbled upon the this brilliant Icy Demons song last year when it was given away on the Obey Your Brain site and thought it was the band's best. They've since taken it down and put it on Icy Demon's newest album called, ta-da Miami Ice, and now RCRD LBL has the song up once again for giveaway. The internet is just like bartering without all the effort of producing something, isn't it? You just have to wait around and someone will give you what you want. We like the Demons offline too though and are willing to wait for their show with Extra Golden at the Knitting Factory in NYC on July 29th which is part of their summer tour. It's gonna be polyrhythm central in there so don't even try to come if you got flat feet.

Download: Icy Demons, "Miami Ice"

Posted: July 07, 2008
Freeload: Icy Demons, “Miami Ice”