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Video/Freeload: Tan Lines, “New Flowers”

July 08, 2008

Sometimes we think about old style computers—fondly remembering playing Shufflepuck and generally just being wowed by the concept of a colorful moving screen that was not a television. The new video from Tan Lines (featuring half of the production/studio team Brothers, who we profiled in F53) taps into that same feeling, but puts a melancholy spin on it. Maybe it is kinda sad that we can't get wowed by Flight Simulator and a dude juggling 3D shapes anymore because that shit was awesome. If you're into the video—and if you remember the first half of the '90s you will be—you can download the song below.

Download:Tan Lines, "New Flowers"

Posted: July 08, 2008
Video/Freeload: Tan Lines, “New Flowers”