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Audio: Dungen, “Satt Att Se”

July 10, 2008

It kinda goes without saying that we're going to at least listen to any band that has made an 18 minute song at any point in their career that, translated into English, is called "Midsummer Bong." MIDSUMMER BONG! Lucky for everyone involved, the band that did that is Dungen, and they are awesome. So awesome in fact, that we put Gustav Ejstes, the main man behind Dungen, on the cover of F27 and then proceeded to never get tired of their music ever. On their MySpace they're streaming "Satt Att Se," from their upcoming album 4, which Ejstes will be previewing in New York next week in an acoustic session that you'll able to catch on FADER TV shortly thereafter. Also, here's a fun fact: Ejstes used to make hip hop and he talks about it along with a whole bunch of interesting stuff in this interview we did with him for this very website. You can traverse the archives and find it (always rewarding), or read it here.

Listen: Dungen, "Satt Att Se"

Posted: July 10, 2008
Audio: Dungen, “Satt Att Se”