FADER TV: Soiled Mattress & The Springs Blow Up

July 10, 2008

Awhile back we hit up downtown jazzers Soiled Mattress and the Springs to see if they would make some kind of cool video for us. They were totally into it, and worked for awhile on it—presumably because they were really busy with stuff like going on tour with No Age. Well, wait no more because last night they hit us off with this video that reminded us that they are awesome and also made us think about the dangers of fire (it's hot). It's actually a little sad, because the band has decided to call it quits after their final show at The Yard next to the Gowanus Canal this Saturday (where they'll be playing with Soft Circle, Crystal Antlers, High Places, Abe Vigoda and about 100 other bands.) Drummer Aviram Cohen and keyboardist Peter Schuette are continuing on as Silk Flowers along with Ethan Swan of Car Clutch, and we imagine Matthew Thurber will probably keep doing what he's doing, which is hanging out with Picturebox dudes and making crazy art and comics. Check out the massive lineup for the all day event at The Yard after the jump. Whew. We feel like we just mapped out every band ever in a single blog post.


High Places

Titus Andronicus

Shy Child

Chinese Stars


x Wikkid, x Bloodlines

Vivian Girls

Abe Vigoda

Crystal Antlers

Knyfe Hyts

Ninja Sonik

Soft Circle

Soiled Mattress and the Springs ----> last show ever


more tba + secret special surprise guests...

400 Carroll St btwn Bond St & Nevins St | Gowanus, Brooklyn

F/G-Carroll St, M/R-Union St | --> NOON

FADER TV: Soiled Mattress & The Springs Blow Up