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Freeload: Don Letts Fabric Podcast

July 10, 2008

While UK superclub Fabric is known for its massive soundsystem and diverse collection of resident selectors, they wisely decided to eschew the newest UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ dance music of the day for their podcast series, a collection of classic headphone gems by the likes of Andy Weatherall and Howie B. For our money (Free Ninety Nine), it's one of the most underrated musical outposts out there, standing apart from the rest of the interweb mix murk by striking the perfect balance between the obvious and the obscure, refusing to get dusty just for the sake of it. The latest edition comes courtesy of Don Letts, the Zelig-like DJ, filmmaker and inventor of the punky reggae party. He manages to connect the dots between Collie Buddz, Clinic and Big Audio Dynamite (he was a member!) over the course of the podcast, and after listening on repeat this morning we realized we NEED to hear more BAD on all future DJ mixes. Eddie Stats, get to work!

Download: Don Letts Fabric Podcast

Posted: July 10, 2008
Freeload: Don Letts Fabric Podcast